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Proposal for the New National Stadium Japan, International Design Competition - 18




The stadium adopts the mix of traditional Japanese theatre, Sajiki-style seats, and European Colosseum galleries, proposing a totally new stadium. It works perfectly as a sports stadium, but in general it is designed as an event arena enabling opera, classical, rock and pop concerts etc. with light shows and illumination producing an exciting and glamorous atmosphere.

You can see the Sajiki-style Opera lodges dominating the impressive space of the stadium by means of the huge elegant curve.

As one of the most popular entertainment palace in the capital the stadium will convey another mechanism we call the stadium-in-the-stadium concept. It allows an alternative stadium to appear inside itself. Rugby and soccer fields can be shifted aside to lift a seperate stage and accompanying seats from the ground. A bridge for the stars can be element of dramatic performance completed by electronic screens for information and zooming on the artists and the people in the audience.

Additionally moving stands from the smaller sides of the bowl will bring people closer to the center of performance in the middle.

The form of the stadium and especially the lodges around will guarantee high quality acoustics and a high fidelity sound within the inner space.

Described by G.ZIMMERMANN

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