Pasific Tribe Envioromental Design Youth Forum


Pasific Tribe Envioromental Design Youth Forum


tentative name:Pacific Tribe Envioromental Design Youth Forum

There exist many communities of small scales, who we might call them “small tribes” around the world, and they are working of activities to fight for where and who they belong to.

Of course, there are these small tribes too in Japan.In additionto these tribes, it is possible that even the people from Fukushima, suffering from the great earthquake of 2011.3.11 and the nuclear power plant accident that took place last year.

The problems related to these small tribes, which exist in all the places around the world, is not something that theycan solve by themselves in their communities. This is a kind of problem that the 21st century world will have to take action for.

We believe that the people who work for architecture, urban and landscape designs must also take place in considering this problem for the people of the tribes.

In order to actually take actions, We have established Pacific Tribe Envioromental Design Youth Forum.

Firstly, We will set up a homepage to call for participants’ opinions from around the world. We also think that more participants will join this forum through our homepage.

July, 2012

Executive office spokesperson Kengo Sato










事務局代表  佐藤 研吾








Taking the contorted path: energy in the world of anxiety.

-What Native Americans nations and Fukushima have in common-


Osamu Ishiyama laboratory, represented by Kengo Sato, will take part in the design competition for the Native American Pomo tribe.

From now on, we will focus on an elaborate investigation regarding the nations of the Native Americans.

We believe that similarities between the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima can be found.



Auf gewundenen Pfaden: Energie in der Welt der Besorgnis

-Was die Nation der Amerikanischen Ureinwohner und Fukushima gemeinsam haben-


Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory, vertreten durch Kengo Sato, wird am Wettbewerb für den Stamm der Pomo teilnehmen.

Für die bevorstehende Aufgabe werden wir uns nun intensive mit den Nationen der Amerikanischen Ureinwohner auseinandersetzen.

Mit Rückblick auf unserer eigene aktuelle Situation glauben wir, dass es relevante Überschneidungen mit dem Fukushima Vorfall gibt.